Single, Almost 40 & Happy

I enjoy being single. I'm not a man-hater; although I do have some inherent biases again men. (That's a topic we'll discuss another day.) I enjoy having time for myself and not having to worry about fulfilling the needs of someone else. I care for my daughter and my furbabies. My life is full and I have a bright future ahead of me. 

5 Things that Inspired Me to Return to Blogging

I enthusiastically started my lifestyle blog January 2015. I researched the blogging process, selected a platform, bought books, a blog planner; I even found on-line mentors whose step by step advice I could follow. After gathering all these resources, I sat in front my computer and created five decent blog posts. 

I love sharing pictures of my pets! Daisy May, my cat, is a feisty 1.5 year old domestic short hair. Angel, my dog, is a four year old Yorkshire Terrier. I'm excited to share with you how these amazing animals became a part of my family.