Being Vegan Isn't About Sacrificing

Putting the needs of animals and the planet first isn't a sacrifice, it's something everyone on this planet should do to thank the Earth for its sacrifice. The oceans, land and animals are children of this planet too. Why do we abuse it?

Waiting To Be Chosen

The idea of dating again has caused me to reflect on my prior relationships. Not really a fun place to be, even if I've made peace with the past. Thinking about these relationships taps into my insecurities making me feel incredibly vulnerable. Here's the conclusion I reached after my days, hours, minutes of reflection... I'm always waiting to be chosen.

8 Reasons You Need A Furbaby

I personally believe everyone in the world should add a pet or two or three to their family. Here are eight well thought out and biased reasons why you should consider adding a furbaby to your family; if you don't have one already. If you already have one, get one or two more!