10 Things I Love About My Body

My insecurities and societal factors played a strong role in how I viewed my body growing up. I hated everything about my body especially because my butt didn't fill out my jeans like other African-American women and my breasts since my teens were always bigger than others.  Now as a grown up, I appreciate my body. I recognize that the beauty of me and my body is it's uniqueness. 

Here are 10 things I love about my body:

  1. My breasts...it's quite the attention grabber; usually the first thing both men and women notice about me. And after years of hating the attention my breast brought me I finally accept it as a part of me to love not hate. 
  2. My hair...short, long, curly, natural or relaxed...It's resilient. Due to medical issues it falls out from time to time but it always grows back thick and beautiful.
  3. My toe nails...when manicured my toe nails look amazing. I love seeing my toe nails in  Licorice by Essie. Love that color! And love my toes. 
  4. My hands...each hand allows me to execute my creative thoughts and they look like my Mom's hands which is really cool.
  5. My legs...with them I can climb over every hurdle or obstacle that comes my way.  I love my legs because they look good in shorts, skirts and dresses. 
  6. My face...which is it's own kinda beautiful. It never hides an emotion or thought. It's expressions are brutally honest with me and anyone looking at me. I have the worst poker face. Mad, sad, happy or indifferent my face will definitely show it. My friends can attest to that! 
  7. My brain...never seems to shut off but I'm reprogramming it to think positive thoughts...no more negativity here. It allows me to be incredibly creative and reminds me every day that I'm smarter and even more intelligent than I think I am.
  8. My uterus...allowed me to experience the miracle of childbirth. 
  9. My back...carries the weight of the world and like my spirit never buckles under pressure.
  10. My heart...although it's been broken several times, my heart still beats and is always ready to love, trust and share without fear!

I'd love to read what you love about your body.  Leave your list in the comments!

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