Why I Love & Hate Winter in New York

Why I Love & Hate Winter in New York

 “Ugh...my face is frozen.”

“The wind is blowing so hard I can't breathe.”

“Is it getting colder every year? Or is it just me?”

This was internal dialogue every time I left my warm and cozy apartment to take the subway to my office in Manhattan.

I loved winter as a child because it meant that I’d get a vacation and snow days. Snow days rule! When it snowed, I was so happy. My older brother and I would grab the trash can lids and slid down the snow covered stairs leading to our home. That was our version of “sledding” in the Bronx.

As an adult, well, let's just say my love affair with winter was tenuous at best. Rushing to work in the snow, falling on an unshoveled sidewalk, fighting against the wind just to cross the street...none of these things helped me love winter.

Despite my discontent with the windy winter weather, there are some things I love about wintertime in New York.

I always thought it was amazing how the snow brightened everything it touched.  And how beautiful it looks when it's fresh. I love how the snowflakes cover the city landscape like a big, beautiful, fluffy blanket. And watching the snowfall, when you're not standing in it, is just magical.

But the cold! Oh, how the cold made it unbearable. I’m a California girl. Winter was never my thing.

But I did love the fashion. Boots, coats, scarves and hats. Oh my!

In New York, clothing isn’t just functional, it’s an extension of your personality.

I’ve never been a fan of the traditional black or grey coat. I love color. Red, green, cobalt are my colors. Amazing colors to brighten a dreary winter day.

I looked forward to amassing my winter wardrobe. I enjoyed shopping for these pieces and would take my time finding the right one. My goal wasn't to look like everyone else. I wanted each item to reflect me, the inner me. The stylish yet goofy and funny me. 

A great coat is an essential but so is a cute and cozy, hat and scarf; together it completed my winter look.

One weird thing I really miss about winters in New York is indulging in my favorite treats, ice cream, and warm beverages.

Am I the only one who loves eating ice cream in the wintertime? There's truly nothing like it.  

It was during winter that I first fell in love with Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte and hot apple cider from the Union Square Farmers Market.

Now that I live in Florida, I get nostalgic around wintertime. I really miss these wonderful aspects of winter. I can't wear boots or coats, drink a hot beverage to stay warm on a cold day nor can I slide down snowy stairs or hill for fun, but I do have my memories of the city to ease my pain. 

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