3 Reasons I Don't Use Tampons

3 Reasons I Don't Use Tampons

I've used tampons two times in my life: during the thong phase of 2008 and again during a Caribbean vacation when my period made a surprise visit. Surprise...you're bloated and cranky on a beautiful Caribbean island vacation. Yeah, it made for a dream vacation!

l reluctantly used a tampon to ensure I had an enjoyable time swimming and wading in the crystal blue water. 

Each time I've used a tampon, I couldn't fully relax. Walking around with a foreign object in my privates was just super uncomfortable to me. After that vacation, I decided to never use tampons again.

Tampons are uncomfortable

Several questions popped into my head the first time I used a tampon: should it feel like this? Will it fall out? How do I know I did it right?

It's really an awkward sensation. It annoyed me that I was spending so much time worrying about it. There are only two things I'm okay having inserted into my vagina; none of which is a tampon. Use your imagination. Here's a hint...both serve a useful function...pleasure, procreation and the protection of my vaginal health. I'm not interested in walking around with a foreign object in my vagina that doesn't serve any of these functions.


Tampons don't absorb everything

On the two occasions that I convinced myself to wear a tampon, I had to wear a pantyliner too. Essentially, I was required to wear two products at the same time. I won't accept that! Who has time to deal with this? This made no sense to me. If it can't absorb everything then why would I put myself through the discomfort of wearing a tampon. My maxi pad rarely disappoints me in this way. That's why I'm a maxi pad loyalist.

Internet-related tampon fear

Yes, I just made this up. Nevertheless, this fear is based in reality. Toxic shock syndrome. Forgetting to remove the tampon or having it stuck in your vagina. All of these lovely fears, I learned about via the internet. As a result, I became even more turned off by tampons. I realize these situations will probably never happen to me, but it still scared the crap out of me. Why should I put myself through the discomfort when this product comes with some inherent dangers? I'll stick with my trusty old maxi pads. 

I'm not trying to be disgusting or stop anyone from using tampons. If it works for your great! At the end of the day, we all have to do what's most comfortable for our bodies. For me, tampons just aren't it. 

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you prefer maxi pads or tampons? Or do you use something else, like the diva cup? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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