8 Reasons You Need A Furbaby

8 Reasons You Need A Furbaby

Four years ago, when I added my Yorkie, Angel to my family, I never thought I'd have the room or tolerance for more pets. But if it wasn't for this magnificent dog, I wouldn't have met and fell in love with my cats, DaisyMay and Guster. These three fur babies  have brought joy and happiness to my life and my family; without them the family would be incomplete. 

Why you need a furbaby?

I believe everyone in the world should add a pet or two or three to their family. Here are eight well thought out and biased reasons why you should consider adding a furbaby to your family; if you don't have one already. If you already have one, get one or two more! 

Constant companionship. My three furbabies are my constant companions. Literally! They follow me to the kitchen, bathroom, closet...everywhere. A furry friend's companionship can also decrease feelings of depression and loneliness, increase serotonin levels and improve your mood.

Hilarity and comic relief. Have you ever watched two cats play fight? It's the cutest and funniest thing in the world. Watching my cats run, chase or hide from one another is just the perfect distraction I need after a stressful day.

Improve your health. Household pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to the Center for Disease Control. 

Thank your furbaby for your good health!

You'll get tons of affection. Cuddling is always appreciated and welcomed. Furbabies are the best cuddlers!

Pets can help you form healthy habits and routines. Because they require morning feeding, walking and cleaning of the litter box; my pets have inadvertently helped me wake up on time each morning.  If I over sleep, I will be pawed in the face. To keep our feline and human relationship healthy and on good terms, I get up each morning when I hear the first meow to feed my kitty babies and my dog. 

Increase your capacity to love. Pets fill your heart with so much love, you can't help but look for ways to give back and help other animals. Because of my pets I'm hyper aware of the plight of strays in my county. I've volunteered at a local animals shelter and keep food in my trunk just in case I run into stray cats.

Provide opportunities for socialization. Furbabies are the best icebreakers and can easily help you make new adult friends. I've met more people walking my dog in my community than I have at social events. Angel is so cute and personable, people are always drawn to her.

Increase your activity level. Dogs require frequent walks which gives you multiple opportunities for exercise each day. Grooming, bathing and cleaning up after your pets are other activities that keep pet owners busy. Running, swimming, hiking and biking are additional physical activities pets and pet owners can enjoy together. 

Do you have any furbabies? How have they enhanced your life? 

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