A Day in My Not-So-Glamorous Life

A Day in My Not-So-Glamorous Life

The life of this unemployed mom isn't dull or boring unless I want it to be. The daily hassles and feeling of always be in a rush is no longer my priority. I spend most of my day cleaning, running errands, job hunting, writing, reading and attending community events. One of the best things about being home is binge-watching Netflix, obviously! And being able to pick up my daughter from school, enjoying my morning walks with my dog and being able to enjoy life in a way I've never done before. 

Here's a look at a day in my not-so-glamorous life in photos...


Morning walk with Angel... 


 What does a vegan eat for breakfast? A bowl of cornmeal porridge, that's what!


Dressed up and ready to go run errands. 


I made a quick trip to Petco for cat litter and was distracted by the brother and sister cutie pies, Handsome (he's sleeping) and Speedy, she's staring me down. Hope someone adopts them soon; black cats are always the last to go.


Manicure time!  


Stopped at Whole Foods to stock up on Just Water, snacks for my kiddo and ingredients for dinner.  


Off to the car wash for my second wash in a week. The birds keep using my side of the car as their personal bathroom. They even went on my door handle. The door handle! Gotta laugh it off though. It's their world, and I'm just living in it.  


In the school carline picking up my kiddo.


Time to cleanup after the cats. They are worse than children because they leave toys all over the place.  

Yes, those are Amazon boxes in my living/dining room. I used the boxes to create a makeshift play area for my furbabies. They sleep in there and use the area as their playground.  


Dinner time! Curried Chickpeas with Spinach and Tomatoes; another delicious Pinterest recipe. I'm addicted to chickpeas; it's my favorite legume! 

If your interested in trying this recipe, you can find it here.  

Thanks for stopping by to check out today's post! I'd love to know what a typical day in your life is like, so be sure to share that in the comments.  

Chickpeas & Citrus Salad Bowl

Chickpeas & Citrus Salad Bowl

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