Reintroducing My Furbabies

Reintroducing My Furbabies

My furbabies are an important part of my life. Yes, I'm one of those people who treats their pets like children because to me and my daughter they are family.

Since I bought my new camera, the Nikon B500, I can't stop taking pictures of them. You see my furbabies are extremely photogenic when they're being cooperative.

Wait, doesn't every human think their furbabies are photogenic?

Well anyway, despite the cuteness of my subjects, one of the frustrating things about taking pet family photos, especially cat photos, is just when you've lined up a good shot BAM they move and you're left with a blurry image. Even though this can feel like a hassle, I still love taking pictures of my babies and showing those pictures off.

Here are some up to date photos of my furbabies Daisy May, Angel, and Gus - respectively. 

Daisy May Furbaby Friday


Tropical Maca Smoothie