A Review, Blog Roundup & Podcast Recommendations

A Review, Blog Roundup & Podcast Recommendations

I had an awesome weekend. How about you? I ate a scrumptious vegan pizza. Doesn't it look delicious? I saw the Jordan Peele movie, Get Out, this weekend and I have a review for you below. Today I'm also sharing podcast recommendations, in addition to, posts from a few of my favorite blogs. 


A Review of Sorts

I even had time to go to the movies. Exciting!

I finally saw the most buzzed about movie of 2017, Jordan Peele's Get Out. It scared the bejeezus out of me! I loved every minute of it though. While watching Get Out, I was very animated. You see, I'm the person at the movies who yells at the screen and cracks jokes during most scenes. The theater-goers sitting next to me enjoyed my commentary, my friend/date on the other hand not so much. Oh well.

I'm not a fan of horror movies but I enjoyed this movie. I can telate to the emotions the main character, Chris, felt while going on a weekend getaway upstate to meet his white girlfriend, Rose's parents. The weekend gets off to a promising start but things begin to escalate from friendly, non-threating family to a caravan full of crackpots as Chris makes a bunch of unsettling discoveries that reveals the family's true nature. Get Out hits the ground running with suspense, fright and terror scene after scene. 

I hope you see this movie because you'll understand why I just had to yell at the screen. I know the actors can't hear me but I love movies that allow me to feel their emotions and provoke me into talking out loud.  

Have you seen Get Out? Do you talk to the screen during movies?

Good Vegan-Related Reads & Recipes

I love meeting new vegans, whether in real, virtually or just through a compelling story. This weekend I read an article about Ciara Fitts. You can find her story on the blog Black Vegans Rock, where she shared the challenges she encountered and still faces being a vegan in the military. Like most vegans, Ciara became a vegan after a traumatic health scare. Ciara recently completed her first year. Read more about Ciara's vegan journey here

This weekend I also took a trip to the mall to buy makeup from Sephora. Going to the mall became a complex and conflicting experience for me because I recently read 8 Ways Our Modern Fashion Habits Destroy the Environment. This blog post from Everyday Feminism honestly discusses how the fashion industy is harming the environment; every time I read an article like this, I feel conflicted and oh so guilty. 

I often talk to my daughter, family, and friends about how fast fashion is damaging the environment, but all I hear from them is "Here she goes again"; accompanied by an eye roll and massive side eye. I'm not trying to be a downer; I just want them to be thoughtful about their purchases. Be intentional with your money. Know that you'll wear an item more than once and past its season. We have to be thoughtful and deliberate consumers because if we're not the environment will suffer the consequences. 

I love vegan hot wings. It's just roasted cauliflower glazed with a spicy sauce. This Cauliflower Wings 3 Ways (Vegan) recipe from @hotforfood looks heavenly. I intend to make it this week. I'm so excited about it. It's super easy to make. Don't believe me? Check out the video below. 

Podcast Recommendations

This month a few of my favorite podcast are asking listeners to recommend their favorites to new listeners using the hashtag #trypod. I'd like to recommend the following podcast episodes to you. I hope you take the time to give them a listen, if you like an episode, consider subscribing to the podcast. 

  • Another Round is a Buzzfeed podcast hosted by Heben & Tracy. The ladies discuss everything from pop culture to the issues of the day - political, personal and the hilarious. My favorite thing about these two women is their willingness to discuss mental health struggles in a frank and open way. I'm recommending the funny episode 83: Inconegro (with Jordan Peele)
  • Code Switch is an NPR podcast hosted by Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby. On Code Switch, the hosts discuss everything from race and politics to music and entertainment. I love the chemistry between the hosts and recommend you listen to the most recent episode which discusses the complicated Puerto Rico/US relationship. It was an eye-opening episode. I was completely riveted by the stories shared. Listen to the episode below.
  • Teagan Goes Vegan is a podcast that features discussions about veganism and the vegan lifestyle with a different vegan each week. I'm on episode #43; listen here
  • Recapture Self, another shameless plug from me - the host, Beryl Ann Young interviewed me for episode #225; where I discussed how veganism has helped me be a more creative person and cook. Listen here. Beryl's podcast discussion focus on teaching Mom's how to tap into and explore their creativity. 

Do you have any recommendations for me? If you do, please share it in the comment section below. 


 Photos from IvoryMix & CreativeConvex


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