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I Need A Negativity Detox

If my phone is my hand, I feel compelled to check social media for the latest information to feed my addiction to negativity and outrage. I'm drawn to the negativity, like a flies to poop. I scroll through the comment section of a controversial article, even though I know it will contain gross and ignorant comments. I read these comments knowing it will make me upset and angry. I tell myself that I'm just reading it to stay informed and gain insight into how other people think, but can this be true if I do this all the time? It's a little sadistic, isn't it?

Single, Almost 40 & Happy

I enjoy being single. I'm not a man-hater; although I do have some inherent biases again men. (That's a topic we'll discuss another day.) I enjoy having time for myself and not having to worry about fulfilling the needs of someone else. I care for my daughter and my furbabies. My life is full and I have a bright future ahead of me.