I Need A Negativity Detox

If my phone is my hand, I feel compelled to check social media for the latest information to feed my addiction to negativity and outrage. I'm drawn to the negativity, like a flies to poop. I scroll through the comment section of a controversial article, even though I know it will contain gross and ignorant comments. I read these comments knowing it will make me upset and angry. I tell myself that I'm just reading it to stay informed and gain insight into how other people think, but can this be true if I do this all the time? It's a little sadistic, isn't it?

Being Vegan Isn't About Sacrificing

Putting the needs of animals and the planet first isn't a sacrifice, it's something everyone on this planet should do to thank the Earth for its sacrifice. The oceans, land and animals are children of this planet too. Why do we abuse it?

Waiting To Be Chosen

The idea of dating again has caused me to reflect on my prior relationships. Not really a fun place to be, even if I've made peace with the past. Thinking about these relationships taps into my insecurities making me feel incredibly vulnerable. Here's the conclusion I reached after my days, hours, minutes of reflection... I'm always waiting to be chosen.