As Love Ends...

As Love Ends...

Joy. Fear. Sadness. Pain. Vulnerability.

These are the emotions memories of you evoke in me. How do I make them stop?

Joy creeps into my heart when I think about the good times we shared.

Fear follows as my joyful thoughts immediately change to insecurity because I'm afraid that I meant nothing to you.

Am I just another face in the crowd? Another knotch on your belt? Do I even hold a meaningful place in your heart?

My sadness turns to heartbreaking pain as I remember how we gave into the temptations around us throwing away what we had.

I long for what we had, but I know it's time for me to let go of the pain and longing I felt when I was with you. For my heart needs to recover, I need to find another lover. 


Our love affair left me feeling vulnerable and scared but I'm no longer afraid of that vulnerability.

Because my vulnerability taught me that there's so much joy in being a living, breathing, feeling woman.

It reminds me that I have the capacity to love again. For now I know that being a loving, yet vulnerable person is never a tragic thing to be.

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